I’ve been involved with performance since the age of three, since then my passion for the arts has only grown and developed. I have spent my life studying, working in and experiencing as many different mediums and aspects of art as i possibly can; i want to explore how every part of production or exhibition or film etc comes together, i feel it is my duty as an artist to understand how every aspect of it works to create the final product.

I pride myself on using my voice as an artist to create work that brings light to issues and subjects that need to be spoken about, art can have an incredible impact and can build conversations and i feel it is important to use my art to do that.

I have worked with a variety of companies and contributors of different ages and skill sets (with a focus on young people, BAME, people with disabilities and mental health issues) I have been exposed to a wide selection of the creative industry dealing with well-known brands including the BBC, the Lowry, Arts Council England, 53Two and the Kings Arms.

The idea of storytelling is important to me. A good story, regardless of the medium is one that engages its audiences and delivers information (and sometimes entertainment) to the viewer. I strive to be part of that storytelling process both within theatre and film.