Queer Integrity – SillyWoman

Writer/Producer, December 2017 – Present

Theatre piece exploring queer female identity.

Dragged out! – Vedi Roy

Producer, September 2018 – present

Explores race and femininity in drag community

Come ‘Ere You Daft Cow – The Kings Arms, GM Fringe

Writer/Producer,  April 2018 – July 2018

Come ‘ere you Daft Cow explores female friendships, mental health, crappy sexual encounters and the fact everything can be solved with pizza and margaritas!

The Sleeping Princess – International Anthony Burgess Foundation

Stage Manager, July 2018

Spoken word performance poetry

Dear Nomad – Octagon Theatre Reveal Season

Stage Manager/Producer, January 2018 – May 2018

Site specific piece exploring immigration, belonging and family.

To Be Frank by Sophie Poulston MancMade Festival 53Two

Director March 2018

Comedy from one of Emmerdale’s casting director’s. What happens when son brings girlfriend round for dinner.

Simplicity TheatreFemale lead contemporary art based media and theatre company.

Founder and Production Coordinator, February 2013 to October 2017

Create engaging and thought provoking work based on current social, political and economic environmental factors for a range of audiences. Specialised in working with young people, people with mental health issues, people with disabilities and minority groups.

Is it ok? – Simplicity Theatre.

Director/Stage Manager, April 2016

Devised contemporary piece that explored method acting through workshops and live performance.

Marina and the CloneAGRIPPA Productions.

Production Assistant, February – March 2017

80’s pop-culture inspired sci-fi comedy.

Octagon Theatre, Bolton Community and Corporate funded theatre in the heart of Bolton.

Front of House Assistant, March 2016 to Present

Free Cake and Cocktail – Simplicity Theatre.

Director/Stage Manager/Producer, September – December 2015

Devised contemporary theatre piece that explored female stereotypes within art.

CONSENT – Simplicity Theatre.

Director/Stage Manager/Producer, December 2014 – February 2015

Devised contemporary theatre piece focused around sexual assault and consent.

HorseSimplicity Theatre. (in partnership with Leentje Van de Cruys)

Devisor/Stage Manager/Producer, February – May 2015